The Garden Media group predicts that calming clover green is expected to be a hit among gardeners looking to create a soothing oasis. Vibrant green reminds us of life, renewal and nature.” For inspiration on nailing this trend look to Ula Marija’s Green. Gardens and gardening provide prompts for interaction and reminiscence for residents . For example, flowers in one of the gardens prompted Alan to talk about his mother’s chrysanthemums. Recognising the personhood of people with dementia has become a driver of policy and practice . Personhood can be defined as simply being a human being, and is at the heart of our residents’ care plans.

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The garden as a restorative space is something garden designer, Alexandra Noble, knows all too well. We’re not saying the lawn’s days are numbered but it’s definitely losing its place as the focal point in garden design. Post pandemic, we’ve seen a shift to ‘broken plan gardens’, as ‘garden rooms’ overtake the open plan concept.

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Keep a feeling of warmth, even in a shady corner with bright cushions and matching planting. Give your old garden sofa a boost by layering it up with new-season accessories for a modern, budget-conscious look. Here, and old brick garage has been magically reinvented as a mystical pathway through the woods. And all it took was some tins of paint, applied by an expert wall artist.

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  • So use evergreen shrubs at the end of each border and as punctuation along the way.
  • You could have the same type of fence, for instance, and grow climbers up them in coordinating colours.
  • Attach the guttering to the wall of your house or garage and arrange in lengths sat on top of each other.

A really inventive use can be seen in the NHS 70 Garden for Addenbrooke’s Hospital by garden landscape company Bowles & Wyer. They used reclaimed oak posts to frame the view along a meandering path at its centre, positioning them at different heights and angles so that new aspects of the space open up to visitors as they make their way through. And let’s not forget other garden must-haves, including fire pits and chimineas, patio heaters, barbecues and pizza ovens – planning space for these is key, as is where they will be stored or protected once it’s winter. Golden paving works with flowers that have soft tones – pink, lavender, and chalky yellow.

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Upturned crates can be stacked to fashion shelving for displaying plants or simply storing pots and accessories – even garden shoes. We’ve picked this tip up via Love Your Garden’s celebrity gardener David Domoney. On his Instagram David writes, ‘Use wine corks, instead of buying pot feet for containers. By elevating your pot you’re creating a gap between the container and the patio allowing the pot to drain effectively and preventing the soil from getting waterlogged’.