The Importance of Business Intelligence in the Company
The Importance of Business Intelligence in the Company

The Importance of Business Intelligence in the Company. business intelligence or business intelligence is a profession that relies on a variety of data in order to be transformed into a profitable business prospect for the company or client. However, what is the role of business intelligence? Almost the same as other positions, business intelligence also has an important role in the company. Because they are the ones who will determine the direction and business strategy of the company. If the strategy they implement is wrong, then the company’s business plan will become very messy. For this reason, business intelligence is often referred to as a tactician.

The Importance of Business Intelligence in the Company. Basically, technology was created to fulfill a more efficient and practical life. The faster technology develops, things that are traditional and manual can be done more efficiently with all-digital technology.

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New systems, new opportunities. With an all-digital system, many new jobs have sprung up that might not have been thought of, such as Business Intelligence.

Get to know Business Intelligence

When the internet began to be used by the wider community, the available data was more and more scattered. This data can be used as research material to map consumer demographics and identify their behavior. This data processing is usually carried out by Business Intelligence. Therefore, it is important for a company to have business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Skills

In addition, a BI must also have good communication skills because BI must be able to explain their complex findings to non-technical people such as commissioners or other departments so that it is easy to understand. Usually BI will present data with tables, graphs, and diagrams so that it is easy to understand and interesting.

The ability to think critically and analytically is also important for BI so that they can provide solutions for the company. The suggestions given are usually actionable suggestions for the long and short term.

BI’s role for market research

From the data that has been collected, BI will read and interpret useful data to help make company decisions. Starting from the decision to increase company profits, it could also be the efficiency of the company so that work can be maximized.

In addition, BI can find new data in the market such as the discovery of consumer behavior patterns that have not been detected so far. Market trend findings can be evaluated easily and can be done in real-time. So that companies will make decisions more quickly to take advantage of upcoming trends.

For example, in REI, conventional data processing becomes fully automated with the help of the BI team. From existing data, they obtained new market research with previously unknown market segments. The result? New products to increase profits in the short term. Meanwhile, the long-term benefits include a better customer journey and increased brand value.A good business is a business that is adaptable and sensitive to market needs. The role of BI is becoming increasingly important as a company grows.

The role of BI in each company is different because the needs of each company are different. This is influenced by several factors such as size, financing, and the type of industry of each company.