The skills, experience and technical expertise you’ll gain at Hull will put you in high demand when it’s time to enter the job market in this fast-moving industry. This programme specialises in formal and user-centred techniques that you’ll need to design, develop and deploy software that delivers value to users and controls the world around us. You’ll gain a strong working knowledge of computer science and the theories that underpin the discipline.

Specialist software

Application software is a software program or group of programs designed for end-users. DO NOT BUY the kindle version, buy the paperback it is EXCELLENT. It starts off very nicely with Morse Code and very clearly and understandably explains the principles of what defines a code and how Morse code and binary works in a very interesting way.

McAfee Total Protection 2022

You will take part in hands-on practical assessments, which will enable you to acquire extensive programming skills in an industry standard programming language. We will support you whether you are new to programming or have existing skills. Popular parts of any computing collection are the machines, peripheral devices and software, especially software familiar to users such as operating systems and games. The majority of the items in the Collection are supported by manuals, textbooks and archives, and have local connections with south Wales.

  • These screens tend to work on a ‘plug and play’ method, allowing users to plug in their laptop, tablet or USB into the screen and display exactly what they want.
  • They then share the driver online for others to download and use.
  • You can also download and use up to 5 free copies of Microsoft Office on your own devices.
  • Depending on your network connection, you may find it faster to install software on your own device whilst on-campus and connected to eduroam.

The signal strength and range of a Wi-Fi transmitter, such as a router, is determined by the environment. The typical range is around 20 metres indoors, but can be much further outside, this is largely due to no objects, such as walls or metals blocking or weakening the signal. Some devices can share Wi-Fi transmission via an ad hoc Wi-Fi transmission, commonly known as a HotSpot, which is where a device creates a small Wi-Fi signal around itself. For International students the tuition fee that is stated on the course webpage and in the prospectus for the first year of study will apply.


This could include presentations, school experience, work experience or laboratory work. If you’re enrolled on a full-time programme of study, you’ll be expected to complete about 40 hours of academic work each week. During your year abroad, you will follow a programme of study that will be agreed between yourself and us prior to your departure. You will take all assessments set by the host university while you are abroad, for which marks will be awarded and a final transcript released. The year abroad contributes 10% towards your final degree classification. Due to the common first year, you can easily switch your degree course at any point until the start of Year 2, when more specialist material begins to be introduced.