Leicester Print Workshop is a centre for fine art printmaking. As well as adding Adam Warlock to the mix, the movie will also explore Rocket Racoon’s tragic origin story when it debuts on May 5th, 2023. He will also star in My Policeman, where he’ll play a gay police officer who’s having a secret relationship with a man while married to his wife, also set in the 50s. It’s hardly surprising the chartopper has caught the attention of Hollywood honchos after making a splash in Christopher Nolan’s wartime epic Dunkirk in 2017. It’s not suprising that film bosses want to snap up the superstar, as Eternal’s director Chloe Zhao revealed there was never anyone else in the running to play Eros other than Harry. Most obviously, you could watch them in the order they arrived in cinemas.

  • If you show me, someone who was a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy before this film, I’ll show you a liar.
  • Disney Plus is bigger and better than ever – we have everything you need to know about its shows, films, and more…
  • James Gunn returns to direct the third movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which recently wrapped production.
  • Vulture’s plan may be thwarted by the webhead, but Michael Keaton’s performance as the working class crook gives Holland a real run for his money.
  • The comic character also holds the psychic ability to control the powers of others.
  • Establishes Tony Stark as the figurehead of the MCU and eventual first recruit of the Avengers Initiative in a post-credits scene.

Fresh from web-slinging through Civil War, Tom Holland, the MCU’s Peter Parker, gets his own movie. Everyone’s favourite friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, hellbent on becoming an Avenger, learns balancing heroism with being a decent student isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Speaking of frivolous, William Hurt’s Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross reappearing later is just about factory-publishing all that still ties this to the MCU as a whole. Studio politics mean we may never see Mark Ruffalo get to lead a Hulk movie like Edward Norton does here, which is a shame, and any further significance has been downplayed since this came out. Chris Evans isn’t wearing that awful Avengers costume anymore? The promise of almost every other Marvel movie paid off here.

Marvel movies in order according to timeline

The Russo Brothers proved how good they are at juggling multiple characters at once for a film about super-friends who start becoming super-frenemies. Smarter and cleaner than most of the proper Avengers movies (even if it doesn’t land with quite the same bang) it’s a slick example of how many blockbuster plates Marvel can keep spinning at once. Following the huge success of the first season of Loki on Disney+, the thought of another season is sure to please Marvel fans around the world. It is hard to judge when the new season will be released however filming is expected to start this summer.

Marvel Movies

Here, then, is a definitive list of the best Marvel movies, the movies to catch up on if you haven’t yet ventured into the MCU. Kamala Khan’s grand induction to MCU, starring Iman Vellani, also takes place in 2025. She lives in a world that celebrates the Avengers, where their accomplishments are well remembered, and commodified. Marvel has been reluctant to put an exact date on it, but we surmise this happens around the same time as Multiverse of Madness. The second Doctor Strange movie is set after the events of No Way Home, in 2025.

Ms Marvel

Directed by Shane Black, there’s barely any Iron Man in it. Instead, it’s about Tony Stark learning that he’s still a hero even without his armour. The PTSD storyline also nicely sets up some of Tony’s more extreme behaviour in later films.