Definition and Types of Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors- One of the company’s strategies in increasing brand awareness is to appoint brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is a person who has a big role for the company because it involves the success or failure of product marketing. This is why finally many companies are competing to find the best brand ambassadors with qualified skills.

So, what are the duties of a brand ambassador and what skills do you need to have? Is this the same as influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)?

What is a brand ambassador?

If you are in the business world, you probably already know what a brand ambassador is. The meaning of a brand ambassador is a brand ambassador. Thus, he is believed to be a promoter who is contracted by the company as an icon of a brand.

The position of a brand ambassador as an icon has several demanding tasks, including building a more positive corporate image, expanding the market network of a brand, and increasing the selling value of certain products.

In general, brand ambassadors are people who are hired by companies as promoters because their follower count is above average. One of the reasons it is important to recruit brand ambassadors is to increase attention, image, and selling value.

Today, many consumers check the reviews of people they know before buying a product. Therefore, recruiting brand ambassadors is one of the company’s top strategies to make it easier for their products to get public attention.

However, the selection of brand ambassadors should not be arbitrary. Some examples of people who are suitable as brand ambassadors are Youtubers, Public Figures, singers, millennial influencers, to other famous figures.

Type of brand ambassador

Although a brand ambassador is generally defined as an icon of a brand, nowadays several types of brand ambassadors have emerged which are differentiated based on their type and obligations.

1. College brand ambassador

As the name suggests, this type of brand ambassador is in a narrow realm and scope, namely between students. Therefore, companies that use this type of brand ambassador tend to target school students to college students.

College brand ambassador are promoters whose job is to increase brand awareness among their peers. Generally in doing this by introducing products, distributing samples, putting up posters, setting up booths and much more.

2. Influencer brand ambassador

An influencer brand ambassador is a person who is more influential in the eyes of the public so that he can reach a wider community or consumer.

Companies generally employ influencer brand ambassadors by doing some kind of collaboration or product marketing through posting influencer social media content within a timeframe that both parties have agreed upon.

The reach of the community achieved by the influencer brand ambassador is also no joke. Therefore, companies tend to provide strict protocols in cooperation agreements before signing contracts.

An influencer brand ambassador usually receives a salary as well as a free product from the brand they promote. However, if found to damage or pollute the company’s image, then the influencer must pay sanctions according to the agreement.

3. Affiliate brand ambassador

Affiliate brand ambassadors are promoters who use affiliate marketing so that both parties benefit significantly from the chain of marketing processes. You can visit this site if you are looking for information about political law

Companies generally recruit influential people such as influencers or bloggers to promote products by spreading sales page links. From this process, the affiliate marketer will immediately get a commission for every consumer shopping through the link.

With such a process, the brand ambassador helps all sales and can track them easily because they are recorded in detail in the system. And consider this process easy as the company can limit expenses by paying only registered affiliates.

4. Informal brand ambassador

The next type of brand ambassador is informal and unbound. How to become a brand ambassador of this type is quite easy. This means that people from all walks of life can inadvertently become brand ambassadors of a brand.

Generally, informal brand ambassadors are fans who satisfying with a brand so they recommend the product to their close friends or relatives. Although not bound by a contract and paid, informal brand ambassadors, will continue to promote these goods voluntarily.

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