Crowded Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020

Crowded Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020. As we know, the coronavirus (Covid-19) is endemic in Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, but it has also even become a worldwide pandemic. This pandemic condition forces all of us to isolate ourselves at home and must not leave the house so as not to be exposed to this coronavirus. On the other hand, this condition also makes some people look for ideas and business opportunities that can be done while at home.

Business Ideas and Opportunities during a Pandemic

Crowded Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020. It is impossible to rule out, this pandemic situation has a profound impact on the economic condition of everyone. Moreover, there are some jobs and businesses that cannot be done Work From Home. This forces everyone to be creative and rack their brains to find ideas and business opportunities that can be done by Work From Home.

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Fabric Mask Manufacturing Business

Crowded Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020. During this pandemic, masks are one of the things that must be used and are sought after by everyone. When one-time masks were hard to find, people flocked to look for cloth masks as a substitute.

Online Shop Business

Crowded Business Ideas and Opportunities in 2020. Before the pandemic, many people had already done online shop businesses. Not only necessary items, but even daily necessities, such as medicine, frozen food, and vegetables, have been purchased online.

Pastry Cake Business

At this time, pastry foods such as brownies are in great demand by the public. The existence of a variety of toppings makes the demand for boxed brownies soaring continuously so that this pastry cake business idea and opportunity is suitable for those of you who like to make cakes.

Frozen Food Business

The period of isolation makes all activities limited so that buying groceries becomes difficult. Many families have to buy a lot of groceries and store them for the long term so they don’t go out constantly. However, not all food ingredients can last long and will end up rotten if not used.

Virtual Photoshoot Attempts

For those of you who like photography, this is a great business idea and opportunity for you. Virtual photoshoots are a trend during this pandemic. During isolation at home, people cannot do photoshoots in the studio in person, so you can make good use of the ideas and opportunities for this virtual photoshoot business. With only a camera, cellphone, laptop, internet network, and various small properties such as glass, flowers, and glass, you can build this business.

Graphic design

During the pandemic, the more new businesses started, the more graphic design services were needed. Graphic design services are usually sought after for designing logos, designing packaging to designing content on online platforms. If you are good at design or even your hobby is in design, you can take advantage of these graphic design business ideas and opportunities.