Business Opportunities, 6 Bucket Business Ideas
Business Opportunities, 6 Bucket Business Ideas

Business opportunities in Indonesia are still wide open for everyone, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist.

The business opportunity of making buckets is still quite profitable. The number of players who are not too many can be your opportunities in business. You can also freely be more creative in filling the bucket so that it can bring in many consumers and cash that continues to flow.

Here’s a very creative bouquet idea and of course a small capital and a lot of money

Business Money Bucket

One of the bouquet business ideas that are loved by many today is a money bouquet. Not only is the material easy to get, this flower bouquet when seen looks elegant and luxurious. Because the contents of the bouquet are in the form of money, the price is also in accordance with the contents. But if it’s too expensive, you can outsmart it by using play money or loose change.

This bucket can be birthday gifts, gifts for loved ones, proposals, and also wedding gifts.

Business Skincare Bucket

For those of you who have bored with bouquets filled with flowers, you must try this bucket with skincare stuffing. Besides being able to last a long time, a bouquet with skincare contents is very useful, especially for women.

You don’t need to confuse about how to assemble this skincare bucket, you can use a skewer or something else to attach it to the back of the skin care product so it’s easy to assemble. And to add to the beauty, you can combine it with flowers or other decorations such as dried plants and others.

Business Snack Bucket

If usually, the bouquet will be just a display, you can immediately disassemble this one bouquet and enjoy it. Flower bouquets or snack bouquets are currently very popular with many people. In addition to the affordable price, buckets with snack fillings are very easy to get. Usually, make the bouquet colorful. For example, a pink bouquet will contain pink snacks, ranging from candy to pink chips.

Business Balloon Bucket

This is a bouquet business idea that is in great demand by many people. Can be a gift for weddings, births, graduations, and much more. To add to the beauty, you can add some items such as polaroid photos, snacks, and Tumblr lights. You can also provide a wide selection of balloon shapes and colors.

Fruit and Vegetable Bouquet

Although it can’t be said to last long, fruit and vegetable bouquets seem to have a lot of fans. Maybe for people who have tired of filling buckets that are less useful and unhealthy, a fruit and vegetable bouquet can be a solution. In order to be durable when assembled, you can choose vegetables with long trunks such as caisim, broccoli, kale, etc. And for fruit, you can choose fruit that is easy to attach to a skewer or other materials that make it easy to assemble.

Hijab Fabric Bouquet

For those of you who have a hijab business, and have bored with the usual way of packing. You can make your selling hijab for the filling of the bouquet. For how to make it, you don’t need to confuse because there are already many tutorials that you can watch on YouTube.

That’s the idea of ​​​​business opportunities and a business idea of ​​making a bouquet with a small capital that can be done on the sidelines of your routine, and which can certainly be profitable. Good luck.