Business Ideas: 5 Best Selling Culinary Online, Let’s Try it!
Business Ideas: 5 Best Selling Culinary Online, Let’s Try it!

Business ideas of ​​selling food can be an alternative opportunity and a promising solution to keep earning in the midst of a pandemic.

Recently, the culinary business through delivery or online messaging application services is very promising. That’s because some consumers avoid waiting in line at restaurants or don’t have much time to cook, so ordering food online is in high demand.

However, the large number of food choices in online services sometimes makes consumers confused about choosing, so determining the type of culinary is a very important thing to do before selling.

Home Cooking

Homemade dishes or side dishes are a favorite of consumers because it is like tasting their own family’s cooking. Especially if it’s lunchtime, of course, home cooking is often in demand. Currently, many people sell home-cooked meals online with attractive packagings, such as fried chicken, grilled chicken, chicken penyet, rendang, satay, fried rice, meatballs, seblak.

Frozen food

The best-selling online food ideas, especially during a pandemic it doesn’t go stale quickly and if it doesn’t run out, they can be stored in the refrigerator. This means that frozen food can be enjoyed anytime. You can try homemade frozen food business ideas, such as sausages, meatballs, dim sum, nuggets, pizza, kebabs, and many more.

In addition, you can also look for reliable frozen food suppliers to resell frozen food to consumers.


The best-selling snack business ideas will never die. Processing is not difficult and more durable. Moreover, spicy snacks have many fans among millennials, such as chips, macaroni, noodles, basreng. In addition, sweet snacks also have many fans, such as cakes, banana chips, croffles, waffles, and donuts.


Not only dessert, but you also need to try business ideas such as pudding, ice cream, and dessert boxes with contemporary flavor variants. Dessert box variants, such as Milo, Regal, Kit-Kat, and Marie Regal are stealing attention!

Healthy Food

Healthy food is becoming a promising online food idea because many consumers are also vegetarians. The more people who attract to vegetarian food, the higher the chances of selling it. You can try selling vegetarian foods such as vegetable salads, other vegetable preparations, nuts, fruit salads, and juices.