As Cornish WebServices are an Internet Marketing company, then we prefer to design websites as marketing tools which create value for a business, rather than a simple ‘online brochure’ for visitors to simply look at. Human computer interaction is concerned with how real people actually use computers, and has evolved from earlier work on man-machine interaction that was used to help design control panels in aircraft and power plant. This early MMI work was more concerned with ‘control rooms’, and terminology such as user interface, GUI , feedback, machine environment was used. Since PCs and the Internet have evolved, human computer interaction deals more with the interaction of a user and a PC/laptop. We needed our website upgrading to make it easier for customers to navigate and find exactly what they are looking for. PCM understood our requirements and have developed exactly what we needed, even when we were unsure ourselves.

BSc Hons Computing and Web Development with Foundation Year

The Content Management System is a website editing tool with a user-friendly interface. CMS is the application that is available for non-developers to construct and administer their websites. HTTP is a connectionless protocol that allows computers to interact via request and response cycles. When a client requests something, the two computers become disconnected, and when the server answers, the two computers reattach. Once a request is made, computers do not expect a response from each other.

Forensic Computing

This means that the availability of specific optional modules cannot be guaranteed. Optional module selection may also be affected by timetabling requirements. Some restrictions on optional module choice or combinations of optional modules may apply. International students who do not meet the entry requirements for this integrated foundation year course may be eligible to study anInternational Foundation Year stand alone programme. The entry grades outlined in this section indicate the likely offer or range of offers which would be made to candidates along with any subject specific requirements.

  • The structure of study will be dependent on the partner and will be recorded for an individual student on the learning agreement signed by the host University, the student, and the home University .
  • So the advantage of sending bits of electricity is that it’s cheap and the disadvantage of that is it only covers medium distances.
  • You just need to get some advanced programs and designs to transform your current website into a more responsive one.
  • A broad range of languages and technologies is introduced to enable graduates to fill numerous software development roles.

Our Campus based courses starting in 2022 and 2023 will be delivered on-campus with supporting online learning content. We continue to monitor government and local authority guidance in relation to Covid-19 and we are ready and able to adjust the delivery of our education accordingly to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. The module aim is to develop understanding of the user and their experience with smart technology applications through experimental design and testing to be able to make recommendations for improvements. In this module you will learn about the principles of software engineering and the management of software engineering projects. You will apply these in the context of a small development project and relate then to your other studies.

A Compass for Chief Executive Officers and Chief Learning Officers

A crucial part of the process is choosing the correct text, which refers to the term copywriting. Photos and videos also play a massive role in the interaction with visitors. All the optimisation is not only for visitors but also for search engines. Designers focus on wireframe models and the usual style in stage, and the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience. If the static website’s front-end developer handed it over to a back-end developer, the static information would be abstracted out of the front-end languages and stored and managed in the back-end languages for simplicity of use.