A cafe business: 6 Ways to Start it!!!
A cafe business: 6 Ways to Start it!!!

A cafe business- In the past three years, the cafe business has become increasingly lucrative. Its development is very fast. We do various concepts. In fact, recently many have opened franchises so that they can spread to other areas in Indonesia.

The cafe business is indeed lucrative. This business has a broad and strong market niche, ranging from teenagers to adults. Moreover, the cafe is now inseparable from the lifestyle of most people. This makes the cafe business a promising business opportunity, even with small capital.

Here are 6 ways to start a cafe business that can be applied to those of you who have small capital. Come on!

1. Choose a strategic location that fits your budget and is comfortable

The first way to start a cafe business is to determine a comfortable, strategic location and place, as well as delicious food and drinks that can make visitors last longer. However, the problem that often arises is the cost of renting a place that is quite expensive.

To overcome this with small capital, you can look for a place with affordable rent or no cost at all, such as your own home or a business partner’s house, if you support it. That way, you can allocate more costs to decoration knick-knacks and good operational tools.

Then, make sure the place is in a strategic location, such as near a campus, school, office, or a place where many people pass by and it is affordable so that the internet cafe you build is not empty of visitors. So, like any investment, a qualified location and place will bring its own benefits for you.

2. Buy raw materials from wholesalers

It is undeniable that not a few beginners in this cafe business buy raw materials at retailers. However, it can cost more. Therefore, buying raw materials wholesale will reduce costs.

Usually, to get cheap prices from wholesalers, you have to buy in large quantities. This is indeed a provision that applies almost everywhere. However, make sure the raw materials you buy at the wholesaler guaranteed quality.

3. Create a delicious and authentic menu

Generally, every culinary business, including cafes, has at least one or two menus that are the mainstay of the place. This mainstay menu is a menu sold in cafes with a taste that is delicious, authentic, and high taste. Therefore, always prepare at least one or two mainstay menus in the cafe business that you build.

4. Maximize your own energy and take advantage of part-time employees

The authenticity of the recipes in the mainstay menu must be maintained, not least in the cafe business that sells many drinks and certain food menus. This means, there is no harm in using and maximizing your own energy before using additional energy.

Then, if over time the cafe business is getting busier and starting to find it difficult to use your own energy, then it’s time to add more energy. You can recruit employees on a part-time basis for starters. This will make expenses lighter. So, you can handle the work that can still be done and give the rest of the work to part-time employees to cover the shortfall.

Keep in mind, try to recruit trustworthy and quality employees in order to maintain the quality of the cafe.

5. Use cost-effective marketing strategies

Using the right marketing strategy with minimal costs will also reduce costs. In addition to using social media, you can also try to invite customers or cafe visitors to get additional toppings or free drinks by making reviews about your cafe on their social media.

With this, in addition to the business being more exposed, readers will feel more confident, because the reviews or testimonials come from consumers who have experienced it, not from business owners.

6. Provide the best service

Good service is of course very important to implement so that customers are comfortable. By providing good and friendly service, cafe visitors will indirectly recommend the cafe to their friends or closest people as a fun gathering place. The best service will always make a good impression on a business.