These Are Signs Of A Good College Student

If a student does not care about the campus environment, he can be considered an apathetic student. Apathy means not caring. We must have high concern. Be sensitive to issues in the surrounding environment and often take part in events on campus. This will make us learn new things and our daily lives become more productive. Do not be apathetic students or we will be excluded from the surrounding environment. If you try this Student advise you will become a student who cares about your campus and classmates, and so the people at the campus will also care more about you.


Students who are mentioned as agents of change must be creative and innovative. While still living campus life, a valuable opportunity is for us to continue working and make something new.

Take advantage of these college times as well as possible. Don’t just go for a walk, watch, hang out but also work.


Not only developing abilities in the academic field, but students must also have the ability in non-academic or soft skills. Soft skill is the provision for us to get ready to take the career path.

To develop soft skills, we can join an organization or become an executive committee for an event. We can learn how to coordinate with other people, manage time, train leadership, public speaking, and so on.

Remember, don’t just be diligent in attending college but also diligently organize as long as we are able to manage our time well.


The latter certainly does not need to belong at all. Students must have the enthusiasm to learn, study and learn both inside and outside the lecture. With enthusiasm, we can continue to train ourselves to achieve what we want.


Curiosity can fuel your desire to study. When you have a strong sense of curiosity towards the subject that you must learn, you will be able to enjoy your study well. This makes it easier and more exciting for you to learn about your subject instead of thinking of it as a burden.

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