There Are 5 Reasons Why Big Brands Still Advertise On Television

The selection of TV and billboard media is still being intensified as a media for advertising promotions, certainly not without reason. For big brands, advertising on billboards and TV or by hiring ott advertising companies is like a long-term investment to keep the brand selected by a lot of people.

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So what are the reasons underlying big brands to keep advertising on TV or billboards?

1. It’s because humans forget easily

The reason you often forget it is because the information received is not stored as long-term memory, so the information received will be very easily forgotten and replaced with others. Advertising on TV or billboards is still the right way to reach the attention of the viewing audience, even though the result cannot be measured.

2. They can compete with competitors

Although mobile marketing is very effective to do, in fact for big brands, to be able to win the competition and attract more attention, advertisements on TV and billboards are still selected because they will be seen repeatedly. The more the brain recalls the same thing over and over, the faster it will be remembered and difficult to forget.

3. It’s still an investment media

Like an investment that will feel the impact in a longer time, advertising on television also still adopts this method. Although the success rate is difficult to measure, for some people out there who still make television as a media provider of information, of course, advertising on television is the right solution.

4. Signifying a big brand

Judging from the expensive coast that must be issued, of course doing advertisements on television indicates that the brand is still excelled in the ranks of big brands. So persuading with persuasive messages will be easier to do.

5. It increases trust

Although testimonials from friends are more effective than advertisements, the existence of advertisements on television is still able to increase your race of trust before deciding to buy it.

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