You Must Consider This Info Before You Buy A New Teapot

The body of a teapot must be large enough so that the tea leaves can develop while allowing the water to circulate. The easiest way to see if the teapot has a large enough room is to look at the tea when you finish brewing it. If it looks like there is a lot of space left in the room, then that’s a good size. If the tea leaves look like they are slightly compressed, you need to upgrade the size. At a minimum, it needs to be that wide. In my opinion, the wider the room the better. So if it looks short and squat, then the room must be perfect. Meanwhile, if you want a unique and classic type of a teapot, we recommend you to check out the Teekanne aus Gusseisen.

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Infusion Plays a Large Role in Tea Expansion

Infuser baskets are nets that look for items that bend and clean your teapot easily. They are good for an everyday tea, but you need to make sure it’s big enough.

Why is a small infuser bad?

If the infuser basket is too small, the tea leaves will never open fully meaning that the full taste will never be released. A perfect example of a tea making tool that is too small is the “tea ball.” Tea balls are shaped like a small egg-shaped device that tends to have chains on the ends. After you brew the tea with one of these, the tea is usually filled there to the point where you almost need to take it out. This is not ideal.

What Materials Make the Best Teapot?

White teapot There are no specific ingredients that make a perfect teapot and this is why there are many choices available when choosing a drinking pot. Whether it’s stainless steel, ceramics, fine porcelain or glass, each material has its own uniqueness.

Your material choices also say something about your business. Stainless steel can be seen as a practical choice, while porcelain teapots are associated with fine cuisine and prestigious tea set-pieces, such as afternoon tea.

The advantages and disadvantages of a teapot to be balanced with the customer’s expectations of your business to find the right match.