The Relation Of Prayer And The Brain

According to Andrew Newberg, head of research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, the benefits of praying are closely related to the brain. He said that prayer utilizes areas of the brain that are used to read, talk, and think, but in more complex ways. This will also relate to our overall health whether physical or emotional. urgent prayer request is also something that you need to consider to help you overcome the disease especially when you have faith.

Benefits of prayer to enhance spiritual practice because prayer benefits our spiritual practice on three levels, namely, action, thought and behavior. In action, all actions preceded by a prayer for spiritual benefits, are carried out with spiritual emotions or feelings so that fewer mistakes are made. So by praying, various actions in one’s spiritual practice for example chanting or remembrance of the name of God occur by the path desired by Almighty God. As long as the mind is active, thoughts will continue to emerge. These thoughts pose obstacles to the unification and decay of the mind. Useless thinking also causes energy waste. Prayer provides great benefits to prevent the waste of energy. Prayer will reduce anxiety and increase the power of reflection. Prayers made with spiritual emotions (feelings) will begin the process of reflection and introspection in a seeker of God, and this helps him to look deeper into himself.

Interestingly, the benefits of the practice of spirituality can not only be achieved by those who are religious. Newberg said that if you are an atheist and you are meditating, you might find the same benefits as religious people who routinely carry out religious activities. Besides praying, you also must not forget other things so that the body is always healthy. Consumption of balanced nutritious food is very important to make the mind clearer and body fitter. Adequate sleep must be a priority because it helps sharpen the brain. Likewise, with exercise, do it at least five times a week. Thus, the benefits you get from praying are not in vain.