How To Choose The Right Topics For Texting

One of the many problems in texting a girl you like is running out of topics that could hold her interest a little bit more. But you do not have to worry because you could always use the story of people around you to make things interesting. Maybe you are surprised, what chat topics can be taken from people around you? As long as you can compose your story well, every story about other humans will always be an interesting chat topic for girls. For example, you can tell me about your friend who has often get in trouble because of their curiosity, or about your brother at home who often forgets the names of many of her girlfriends. It could also be about your boss eccentric behaviour, using lip balm every 15 minutes. Observing humans is a fun activity. It could be a conversation starter when we are running out of topics.

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If you want, you could also talk about a love relationship. Now, for this one, you have to be a bit careful about bringing it, but when it enters, then your conversation and relationship will deepen. Because the topic of this discussion involves a lot of feelings. To start the topic, you could first start from your side. You can tell about how your father and mother met, about the ups and downs of their relationship and sweet moments, then about what you learned from their story. If the situation starts to allow, you can start telling about your previous relationship (with your ex), REMEMBER! Don’t slander your ex, because she may take it the wrong way. What’s important is the openness and wisdom that you learn from that relationship. Usually, in chat topics like this, your crush will ask a lot of questions and getting involved than other topics.

Or, you could use traveling topics. Without using a show off tone, you can tell your experiences traveling to exotic places in the country and abroad. You can share the photo too. The fun moment, when you have visited the same place, then share experiences and memories about that place. The topic of chat about traveling also has the opportunity to open your chance to share dream destinations that you might visit together later.