You Can Do These Tips To Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery

The motorcycle is known to have 2 types of batteries namely dry batteries and wet batteries, both types are indeed capable of supplying the electricity needed in each motorcycle. However, for now, many prefer dry batteries, which in dry batteries have a long enough resistance and fairly easy maintenance when compared to wet batteries. As for the wet battery, there are still many who use it, where the maintenance is also not too difficult and certainly has a resistance that is no less great. Well for those of you who use wet motorcycle batteries do not need to worry, because we will give tips and how to care for the best motorcycle battery.

You can read these tips to maintain your motorcycle battery:

Check the height of the battery water

You must check the height of the battery water is still high or already low. Where most people often forget to check the state of the battery water, so the battery on the motorcycle only has a short life or often called soak. To fill the battery water is also very easy, friend, just open the lid on the hole then add the battery water and to meet the battery water you can get it in small workshops around your respective residences.

Turn on the motorcycle every day for at least 15 minutes

You need to turn on the motorcycle every day, at least you start the motorcycle for 15 minutes if you rarely use the vehicle. This is done so that the components that support electricity still have good conditions, which by turning on the motorcycle every day will produce electricity that is okay even though your motorbike is rarely used for traveling.

Do not turn on the electric starter if it is difficult to start the motorcycle

Frequently using an electric starter when the motorcycle is turned on will quickly make the battery run out quickly, which is the battery that cannot immediately resemble its electrical energy suddenly. You should give a pause so that the electrical energy supply runs and if it does not turn on, you better start the motorcycle with a kick-starter.