Geofencing Is Very Flexible

From the origin of the word, “GeoFencing” there are two elements: “Geo” (Earth) and “Fence”. So literally the meaning of “GeoFencing” is “Earth Fence”. Imagine if you have this “Earth Fence” stance, which allows you to erect fences anywhere in the world, and be able to detect anyone who has entered the boundary of the area that you have fenced off. Now to get this knowledge, you do not need to study and meditate. However, this moment you can easily get, and you can use geofencing advertising to benefit your business.

The analogy has been successfully adopted by mobile technology by creating the concept of “GeoFencing”. Therefore the true meaning of “GeoFencing”, is:

“A virtual fence surrounding a geographical area”

Establishing this perimeter and connecting it to a mobile device, will give you the ability like the “Earth Fence”. You can find out when and where people have entered or left the location that you specified.

An ‘Earth Fence’ or GeoFence can be established anywhere in this part of the world. There are no restrictions on area and distance. You can fence off all of your big city, the whole island of your hometown or just along the protocol road that crosses the front of your business. It uses GPS technology as its base, and it’s quite sensitive. That’s why GeoFencing can also be used to form the perimeter of very large and small areas.

Push Notification, which is triggered by GeoFencing, does not have to only contain text, or deal and discounts. This can be used for several other purposes as well. Technically, the message delivered can be a website, a Facebook/twitter/foursquare address, or a video (imagine for a historical place). Therefore, GeoFencing can be applied to many business branches. The great and latest technology that is very cheap and easy to be accessed even by SMEs. What and how to use it, is only limited by your creativity and imagination.

You have seen the flexibility of GeoFencing usage, by its size and usage. More than that, GeoFencing has one more flexibility, namely regarding the shape of the area that you will fence.

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