Develop Special Strategies From Digital Promotion

Changes in media consumption style require brand owners to do digital marketing. However, brand owners must understand that digital marketing requires a different strategy than the marketing strategy in traditional media. Today the Internet is the media with the third highest penetration rate with an exposure rate of 44%. The existence of the internet as a medium with a high level of penetration is an indication that people are increasingly fond of accessing various content through digital media. Increased internet access occurs everywhere. Public vehicles (53%), cafes or restaurants (51%), even at concerts (24%) there is an increase in the number of digital media access compared to 2017 compared to 2015. This growth increasingly shows that digital advertising positions have a high rating for gaps by referring to the attention of prospective buyers for online business entrepreneurs.

How to develop digital promotions to get a high rating?

Research has gotten statistics on increasing the use of digital media which has a correlation with more and more consumers who watch television and use the Internet at the same time or commonly referred to as dual-screen. Increasing the consumption of dual-screens that are routinely done every day can be found in all age groups including the age group 50 years and over, those who do dual-screen every day also increase from 7% in 2015 to 48% in 2017. The industries need to capture this trend to implement the most appropriate strategies based on their respective target markets. Online entrepreneurs must also understand that the potential of consumers exposed to online advertising will be different in each group.

Indeed, research has found that not all groups are responsive to online video advertising. In the age group above 50 years, the portion of respondents who stated that they made purchases after being exposed to video ads was only 8%. It’s just that there is another interesting fact that the survey shows 25% of respondents in this age group claimed to come to the store after watching a digital advertising video.

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