6 Tricks To Deal With A Warehouse Full And Slum

Storing items at home is not as easy as it seems. There is a separate art to being able to store goods in warehouses or 自存倉 so that they do not pile up, are full, messy and dirty. The warehouse is usually used to store goods that are still useful but rarely used by homeowners best mini warehouse and storage.

Homeowners tend to ignore the function of the warehouse and pile up all the items inside. Even though with the appropriate design combined with structured storage techniques, the warehouse will not be the most avoided room in the house. Here are some tricks for storing goods so that the warehouse is always neat and not crowded.

1. Save what matters
One thing to note in storing goods in a warehouse is to store goods that are important, useful, and will still be used. Don’t waste space on trash, trash, or items that will no longer be used. Before setting up the storage system, carefully separate the items to be stored. If it feels damaged, it’s better to throw it away or donate. By reducing it, setting the storage system can be easier.

2. Use a Container
Besides being more protected and access to goods is still easy, containers can also be labeled and add to the aesthetic value of the warehouse as well.

3. Labeling the Goods in the Warehouse
As mentioned earlier, labeling containers will greatly facilitate the process of finding goods and establishing an organized storage system. Don’t bother too much, just use paper printed from a computer or simply write it using a marker. The important thing is that the category of the contents of the container can be read clearly. With a system like this, finding goods will be faster.

4. Storing Goods Vertically
You can use a vertical storage system such as hanging items. Some of them are tools such as electric drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, and others. If you have a bicycle that is normally stored on a pole, use the holder to hang the bike. In addition to tools and bicycles, many items can be hung such as skateboard boards, surfboards, folding chairs for events at home, even folding stairs.

5. Maximize Shelves and Cabinets
These two pieces of furniture are also often ignored because they are considered too expensive and wasteful. The storage process will be easier because of the availability of places dedicated to storing goods. Tall shelves and cabinets that touch the ceiling make more storage space available, which means more items can be stored.

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